Our Company

      Engita Naval e Offshore has been founded in February 16th 2001 with the goal of providing quality of service for ours clients, craving an excelent result in our works, we own 14 years of provided services with a big variety of delivered services, proving the eficiency and quality of our company, these two essential characteristics makes the difference of being greatly recognized in the naval branch and Offshore. It's important to mention that a great professional team belongs to us, with an extended experience in their function.


       We are always trying to provide a quality service that is delivered within the period stipulated by the contractor, we want to show all our knowledge and the way how we won the confidence of our clients, by appropriate methods of work, security and quality, wishing a better relationship between clients x Engita and a return on level of excelence in the categories of hiring and labor qualification, management and control of production rates, availability and preventive maintenances machines, equipment and materials which are in scope of service to start and finish the work according the excellence  standards of our company.


     With the owned experience through the years, we noticed that the quality of services depends  on the welfare of the employee, that's why we are always looking for a good relationship and security standards to preserve the workers while they are working. Besides, we want to be recognized by providing service in the naval branch on Brazil and also in another countries.


  • Always try to delivery a quality service

  • Punctuality

  • Excellence

  • Honesty and transparency on our business

  • Successful and strategic partnerships